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Welcome to the USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS).  Here are our latest updates as of September 17, 2017:

Evaluation Support to Conduct the Legacy Assessment of the USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program's Civil Society Capacity Development Interventions

USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) is soliciting proposals to issue a Fixed-Price Subcontract for Evaluation Support to Conduct the Legacy Assessments of its civil society capacity development interventions. The successful offeror will carry out a series of tasks to assess the extent to which USAID CIS organizational capacity development contributed to strengthened capacity and improved performance of a selection of CSOs that received USAID CIS assistance. This subcontract will be divided into three Sub-Tasks: (1) Sub-Task #1: Internal Strengthening for Change (ISC); (2) Sub-Task #2: Grant Recipients of Capacity Support (Grantees); (3) Sub-Task #3: Societies Empowerment Fund (SEF) as described in the Request for Proposals document.

Solicitation timeline is outlined below. Email contact for this solicitation is:

  • Issue Date: September 17, 2017 - Download the RFP package in full from
  • Solicitation Workshop: September 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM - All interested parties are encouraged to attend and are asked to confirm their attendance via the email above by September 20, 2017 at 4pm.
  • Due Date for Questions: September 26, 2017 at 4:00 PM - Clarifications concerning this RFP should be submitted in writing via email by this deadline.
  • Responses to Questions: September 28, 2017 by 4:00 PM - USAID CIS will upload answers to the website.
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: October 12, 2017 by noon (Amman time) - Proposals must be submitted with the name and address of the offeror and RFP name submitted via the email above.

The RFP is the responsibility of FHI 360 and does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

RFP#031 Capacity Development FINAL Sep 17 17.docx
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Attachment (05) USAID CIS Result Framework.pdf
Attachment (06-1) ICAT-EN 2016 Sec 8 Inclusion Tool-Facilitator-En-Final.pdf
Attachment (06-2) ICAT-EN 2016.pdf
Attachment (06-3) IDA branded EN v20140804.pdf
Attachment (07-1) ISC I RFP Final 17.11.2013.doc
Attachment (07-2) ISC II RFP 2016.07.24.docx
Attachment (07-3) ISF Institutional Strengthening Fund APS EN.doc
Attachment (07-4) SEF RFA Final ENG 2015.12.07.docx
Attachment (08) Cost Proposal Fixed-Price Template.docx
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Attachment (10) Certification of Independent Price Determination.doc

Civic Initiatives support Program Implementing partners according to geographic distribution and the field of implementation.

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