USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program

USAID CIS Grants Manual : The USAID CIS Grants Manual must be read and acknowledged by all Applicants. This manual provides general information about our grants programs, including procedures to apply for a grant, record keeping and reporting requirements for grant management. The manual is organized into three sections: the first section (Chapters 1-5 focuses on the Grant Application, Evaluation and Award Cycle; the second section (Chapters 6-9) focuses on Grant Implementation, Administration and Close-Out; the third section (Chapter 10) focuses on Reporting Requirements, Financial Management and Internal Controls for cost-reimbursable grants.

Download our Grants Manual to learn more about our grant making procedures.

US Government Requirements: For grants above $25,000, recipient organizations must register with two US Government databases: Data Universal Number System (DUNS) and SAM. DUNS is a nine-digit number established and assigned by Dun and Bradstreet, Inc. (D&B) to uniquely identify business entities. If your organization does not already have a DUNS number, a DUNS number may be acquired at no cost on-line at: or via telephone at: 1-866-705-5711. Organizations that receive a grant of $25,000 (17,700 JOD) or more must obtain a DUNS number and register their organizations on

Grant Opportunities

USAID CIS offers a variety of sub-award mechanisms through which Jordanian partners across sectors (democracy, human rights and governance, economic development, education, energy, environment, health and/or water) can receive the necessary financial and technical support to promote common interests through the implementation of initiatives at the national and local levels.

Open competitions for Requests for Applications (RFA) are set for a specific period of time, while the competition period for an Annual Program Statement (APS) is valid for 12-months. Please see the list below for current grant opportunities and accompanying application materials.


Follow-on Grants Annual Program Statement ( by invitation only to USAID CIS previous grantee ) "Closed"

The Follow-On Grants provides eligible sub-award recipients of the Civic Initiatives Support Fund (CIS Fund) and Democracy, Right and Governance (DRG) with the opportunity to apply for this Grant opportunity. Please note that you cannot apply unless you are invited to do so in a separate email.

Follow-on Grants Annual Program Statement ( by invitation only to USAID CIS previous grantee ) (Modification #1)

Advocacy Support Fund 2016: Supporting Collective Action for Change "Closed"

Advocacy Support Fund 2016: Supporting Collective Action for Change:

The USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) invites Jordanian civil society organizations (CSOs) to advocate for locally-defined priorities through community engagement and rights- based advocacy. A priority objective of this RFA is to support issue-driven collective action and networking to create locally-driven solutions that address local priorities and enhance CSO knowledge, skills and abilities to advocate at the local level.

Grant Structure:

Grants to support local-level change initiatives to be implemented within one governorate (either within a community or across the governorate). The projects will run over 12 months to be followed by a post assessment and evaluation for another 3 months. Grants will be awarded with an estimated amount range of JOD 35K – JOD 50K. Applications are evaluated on a governorate level. If no applications from that governorate are shortlisted, no awards will be made there.

Local examples on Advocacy and samples of filled out application forms (In Arabic)

Rented Schools in the Northern Mazar District Lacking Safe and Healthy Environment 
افتقار المدارس المستأجرة في لواء المزارالشمالي الى البيئة التعليمية الآمنة.pdf

Children Victims of Car Accidents at Sweileh Elementary School 
حوادث دهس الأطفال امام مدرسة صويلح الاساسية.pdf

Other local examples on Advocacy (in Arabic)

غابات الأردن تواجه خطر الاستثمار.pdf

معالجة الخطر البيئي والصحي وخطر الغرق الذي تشكله بركة مؤتة.pdf

التلوث البيئي لمصنع الاسمنت في الفحيص.pdf

Who Can Apply:

CSOs who are legally registered in Jordan with headquarters in Jordan. Applicants must be headquartered in the governorate in which its proposed project will be implemented OR applicants can be branches of national umbrella organizations in the governorate where their proposed project will be implemented. Government and semi-governmental entities are ineligible to apply for this grant.

Interested applicants are encouraged to confirm their attendance via the email at least 48 hours prior to each workshop in their governorate. Please indicate if you would need a sign language interpreter.

RFA Package:

The complete RFA package along with the pre-application materials and details on the full competition process can be found in the attachments below. For more information please visit our website or contact us at You can also join us at

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Frequently Asked Questions
Request for Application- Advocacy Support Fund (ASF)
Attachment A Sar Waqtha Case Study
Attachment B Pre-Application Form
Attachment C Instructions for Uploading a Video Application
Attachment D Summary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Attachment E How to Share GIS Coordinates from IPhone
Attachment F How to Share GIS Coordinates from a Smart Phone.pdf

Solicitation Workshop Presentation
Presentation on How to fill the pre-application form

Societies Empowerment Fund "Closed"

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SEF Request For Application
Attachment I: Grant Application
Attachment II: Budget Template
Attachment III: Budget Instructions
Attachment IV: Budget Checklist for Grant Applicants
Attachment V: FHI 360 Jordan Grants Management Manual
Attachment VI: Institutional Building Example – JCLA Success Story
Attachment VII: Donor Reference Template
SEF Consolidated Q&As

The USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) is pleased to announce a new grant competition – the Societies Empowerment Fund (SEF) - which provides civil society organizations an opportunity to improve their effectiveness and sustainability through a holistic organizational change approach. Over a period of two years, SEF grantees will assess their work, develop a 5-year strategic plan, enhance its institutional and technical capacities, as well as integrate a human rights-based approach for the successful achievement of their missions.


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RFA on Disability Rights & Inclusion Grants 2015-16

Attachment I: DRI Grant Application

Attachment II: Budget Template

Attachment III: Budget Instructions

Attachment IV: Budget Checklist for Grant Applicants

Attachment V: CRPD Civil Society Status Report 2012

Attachment VI: 30 Questions Guide 2014

Solicitation Workshop Presentation

Budgeting Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

The USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) invites qualified Jordanian organizations to propose initiatives that support rights-based programs and enhanced inclusive quality service delivery by both mainstream civil society organizations and disabled persons organizations at the national and local levels. Through this RFA, USAID CIS will provide small grants (up to 20,000 JOD) and large grants (up to 70,000 JOD) for a maximum of 12 months for projects that respond to one of the following components:

Component 1: Inclusive Development Initiatives - Ensures mainstreaming of disability rights within new or existing programs and services through the integration of inclusion strategies and practices as well as reasonable accommodation and accessibility.

Component 2: Accessible and Quality Service Provision - Enhances inclusion and quality of services for persons with disabilities with the goal of advancing the independence of persons with disabilities.

Component 3: Empowering Disability Rights Actors – Builds capacities of persons with disabilities to design and implement rights-based advocacy campaigns, attitude and behavior change programs that ensure inclusion at all levels.

Grants for Innovative Approaches in Engaging Students, Teachers, Communities & Parents To Combat Violence and Promote Social Justice "Closed"

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EDY RFA Announcement

EDY Request for Application

EDY Pre-Application Form

Instructions on how to Upload Videos to YouTube & WhatsApp

Solicitation Workshop Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Through this Request for Applications (RFA), USAID CIS invites Jordanian civil society organizations (CSOs) to propose creative and innovative approaches in

engaging adolescents/youth (12-18 years of age) and adult influencers (parents, teachers, CSOs, local decision-makers and private sector) to combat violence and social injustice, which could potentially be scaled up and replicated. This RFA provides an opportunity for community-level engagement with the priority objective to engage adolescents/youth to take a leading role in:

• identifying the causes of violence and social injustice

• designing the proposed solutions

• implementing initiatives that contribute to positive change among both adolescents/youth and adult influencers.

Civic Initiatives Support Fund 2014 (Modification #2) "Closed"

Annual Program Statement (APS)

Issue Date: March 3, 2014

Closing Date: February 28, 2015

Deadline for Applications: See below

Review Schedule: See below

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USAID CIS Annual Program Statement (Modification #2)

Application Form (Attachment I)

Budget Template (Attachment II)

Other Resources

Sample Budget Template

Budget Instructions


Through this Annual Program Statement (APS), USAID CIS supports civic initiatives that engage individuals, informal groups, coalitions, private sector and/or media under one or more objectives:

• Expand opportunities for enhancing people’s engagement in addressing social, economic and political issues and advancing change.

• Create opportunities that enhance community dialogue; promotes social, behavior and attitude change

• Increase efforts of individuals and groups to engage and advocate on community-defined priorities.

• Improve quality of life through supporting initiatives and services that respond to community needs at the local, regional and national levels.

This competition is open for one year (March 3, 2014-February 28, 2015) for grants up to JOD 250K to be completed by June 2016. A 5% cost-share contribution is required from grantees. A range of grant mechanisms (fixed-obligation, simplified, standard and in-kind grants) are available within the following range of award amounts:

Civil Society Institutional Strengthening Fund 2014 "Closed"

Annual Program Statement (APS)

Issue Date: March 3, 2014

Closing Date: February 28, 2015

Deadline for Applications: Rolling basis

Review Schedule: Monthly

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Civil Society Institutional Strengthening Fund Annual Program Statement

Application Form (Attachment I)

Sample Vendor Selection Matrix (Attachment II)

Vendor Selection Matrix (Attachment III)

Institutional Strengthening Fund FAQs

Through the Civil Society Institutional Strengthening Fund (ISF APS), civil society organizations (CSOs) and Intermediary Support Organizations (ISOs) will be provided grants up to 15,000 JOD for a maximum of six months duration to directly contract external technical assistance for customized capacity building and institutional support to respond to the organization’s defined priorities. Such support may be focused on reinforcing technical capabilities in their respective sector and/or strengthening organizational capacity in areas such as strategic planning, governance systems, knowledge management, sustainability planning, etc. Gender and inclusion of persons with disability and marginalized groups should be considered as cross cutting themes. A cost share contribution of 5% is required from the Recipient.

The Fund targets CSOs and ISOs with the objective of enhancing their capacities to more effectively perform their missions by strengthening the transparency, governance and effectiveness of their institutions. The Fund will provide CSOs and ISOs with fixed-obligation grants for institutional capacity building activities, goods, or services which enable them to meet these objectives and contribute to the long-term sustainability of their institutions.

The ISF APS will remain open for 12 months (March 3, 2014–February 28, 2015). Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be evaluated on a monthly basis. Awards will be dependent upon final negotiations with the short-listed candidates.

Democracy, Rights & Governance Grants "Closed"

This Request for Applications is closed. Please review USAID CIS’ other grant opportunities on this page.

Through this Request for Applications (RFA), USAID CIS invites Jordanian civil society organizations (CSOs) to propose initiatives that support an inclusive, accountable and democratic Jordan that advances freedom, dignity, and development and empowers people to take collective action that promotes and defends democratic values.

Utilizing the Government of Jordan’s commitment to both its national development plans and its international obligations as the framework for the Democracy, Rights & Governance Grants program (hereinafter referred to as DRG Grants), USAID CIS will provide awards of up to JOD 350,000 for up to 24 months for projects that engage individuals, civil society organizations, coalitions, private sector and/or media under one or more of the following goals:

• Promoting participatory, representative and inclusive political processes and government institutions.

• Fostering greater accountability of institutions and leaders to citizens and to the law.

• Protecting and promoting universally recognized human rights.

• Ensuring integration of democracy, human rights and governance principles and practices into other development sectors.

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DRG Request for Applications

Attachment I: DRG Grants Application Template

Attachment II: USAID CIS Budget Template

Attachment III: Action Plan Template

Attachment IV: Financial Pre-Award Assessment Tool

Attachment V: Mandatory Certifications

Attachment VI: Budget Instructions

Attachment VII: M&E Plan Template

Consolidated List of Questions and Answers